Explore the countless thrills that await you at Galaxyland


Out of the theme parks that can be found in North America, Galaxyland has received much attention. This theme park is located in Edmonton and it offers a wonderful experience to the guests and you can think of going there with all your family members. Galaxyland can also be considered as the biggest indoor amusement park that you can find out there in the world. Since it is an indoor amusement park, a variety of exciting events and activities are being organised throughout the entire year. When you visit the park, you would definitely get goosebumps because you will not be able to decide the ride that you are going to have first.

Out of the thrilling activities that you can take part in during your stay at Galaxyland Amusement Park, Mindbender holds a prominent place. If you take part in it, you will have to climb 14 stories. However, climbing this is not easy as you think and you would definitely have the heart in your throat. In fact, this is known as the biggest triple loop indoor roller coaster of the world. Once you take a ride in Mindbender, you can go directly into the spinning rollercoaster. Or else, you can think of taking part in an astronaut launch, which goes up and down the earth through Space Shot.

As mentioned earlier, a variety of activities are being organized for the kids coming to Galaxyland as well. For example, the kids would be able to grab their laser sharpshooters and go on zombie hunting. Or else, they have get a unique 7D experience at the Galaxy Quest. This interaction simulation ride offers amazing 3D graphics as well and it takes place within a multi-sensory theatre. Electric go cart rides are also available for the youngsters who visit Galaxyland. Or else, they can take a look at the rock climbing wall and arcade games.