Amazing things to do in William Hawrelak Park

Photo By eddypretendin

A lot of local and international guests who visit Edmonton prefer to travel to the William Hawrelak Park. This park is location in the Edmonton’s River Valley, which has enhanced its beauty. A variety of activities are also available for the guests to do in William Hawrelak Park. Out of those activities, a lot of people prefer to rent out paddleboats and take a ride throughout the artificial lake in hot summer months. This lake can also be used for swimming.

The William Hawrelak Park has got both hiking as well as walking trails. If you can go here during the winter months, you would be able to engage in cross country skiing. Moreover, you will be able to see a lot of picnic sites around this attraction as well. Therefore, you can think of selecting William Hawrelak Park in order to go on a picnic with your family members. Or else, you can simply spend your time in the beach volleyball nets that are located throughout the site.

The William Hawrelak Park becomes crowded, especially during the Christmas season. That’s because a lot of people tend to take part in the Christmas activities that are being organized in here. This 68 hectare park also consists of several playgrounds. When you are tired of walking around the park and taking part in all the activities, you can think of visiting one of the food outlets in order to taste some local cuisine. Some of the food outlets that can be found in William Hawrelak Park offer international dishes to the tourists as well. It is up to you to choose a one out of them based on your preferences. As you can see, William Hawrelak Park has something for everyone throughout the year and you can think of visiting there without a doubt on mind.