Water activities that you can enjoy at the World Water Park


World Water Park can be considered as one of the popular tourist attractions that can be found in Edmonton. The park has got more than 17 different tube friendly and unique waterslides. These waterslides are short and twisty, long and fast. You would absolutely love to take a ride in them with your eyes closed. If you close your eyes, you would be instantly taken into a Hawaiian coast. It is also possible for you to rent out a tube and surf through the tall waves. Or else, you can simply slash around the wave pool.

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World Water Park has got a massive indoor beach as well. This beach is located in close proximity to the palm trees. As a result, you would definitely be able to enjoy the magnificent view that is offered to you. During your visit to the beach, you will be able to rent out a beachfront patio that is associated with soft seating. You will also be provided with towels, chairs and tables, which can be shared with all your family members. Or else, you can simply reserve a cabana for a reasonable price and enjoy your time. The cabanas are provided with a private bathroom for your convenience.

Prairies can be considered as the most popular attraction that can be found in World Water Park. If you have never had surf in the prairies before, you would definitely love this amazing experience. In fact, you would want to shoot the curl throughout the day. During your stay at World Water park, you will also be able to spend time with slide boarding. This is the best activity available for individuals who prefer adventure. This can be challenging at times, but you would love the challenges that come in your way. You will also be able to customize the ride as per your specific needs and requirements