Amazing Dim Sum in Edmonton


I remember in the movie Kong Fu Panda 3, there are two super cute pandas named Dim and Sum, these bit-sized morsels food can definitely make your day full of surprise. My favourite dim sum restaurant in Edmonton is Urban China, which have dim sum all day long and other special dishes.

The most exciting thing of trying dim sum is you will never know what’s inside before you put this tiny work of art in your mouth, and after the first bite, you can taste a little bit of everything. My favourite is steamed shrimp dumplings with the shrimp ball occupied your mouth and the soft and warm taste covered the whole cold winter. What’s more, you can eat very elegant and it’s super healthy.


Another strongly recommend dish is “Three courses Peking duck”. Unlike traditional Peking duck, you can not only have the duck skin dipped in sugar and garlic source with pancake, but also the duck meat with lettuce wrap and the duck broth. It’s awesome because you can have the full taste of the duck and have detailed nutrition supply and makes it a whole meal.

Urban China 10604 101 St NW, Edmonton