Check Out These Local YEG Entrepreneurs.


Edmonton, over the past couple years, has been absolutely booming with local entrepreneurs and I want to throw out a shout out to the businesses I think should be seen. Here’s a list of 5 local businesses you need to check out and become familiar with:


Herbologie started very recently by Agnieszka, Will and the office dog, Lupe. At Herbologie, they want to enhance your current day to day life by introducing herbs and botanicals through tinctures, teas, and ice cream. Check out their Instagram account for pictures that make you think “yep, I need that right now.”

Yeg Entrepreneurs

Red Ribbon.

A favorite of mine on High Street, this shop hosts the best products from around North America. Starting back when the owner, Rychelle, was just a kid, the entrepreneur life runs through her veins and it’s obvious when you step foot in her shop. Unable to leave the store empty handed every time I go, Red Ribbon is great for finding gems for yourself or gifts for loved ones.

Yeg Entrepreneurs

Coffee Bureau

Located on Jasper and 105th, this little coffee shop packs a big punch. More interested in quality over glamor, the coffee here is on point, or so I’ve heard. As a non-coffee drinker, I have to take my friend’s word for it. I’ve seen the donuts for myself and those alone make me want to come here every day.

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Josh Harnack Art

After a walk down Whyte Ave’s Art Walk this past year, I fell in love with Josh’s artwork to the point where I bought three pieces of art from him. Diagnosed with cancer, his motivation and perspective on life changed. “With this new perspective I started seeing people as materialistic animals who are trying to disguise their animalistic nature.” With thought provoking art on a Dali-esque level, which you can see on his website and Instagram account, I think he has an amazing talent that should be seen.


Yeg Entrepreneurs

Elm Café

This 200 sq ft café located on 101st and 117th street is, in my opinion, incredibly underrated. The constantly changing menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads makes you want to visit every week, just so you don’t miss out on something delish. I’ve had a tomato soup and a chicken parmesan sandwich which I wanted to cry into due to the amazing taste. Without hyperbole, it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. If you haven’t been here, you have failed at Edmontoning.

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