If You Missed It Last Year, The Ice Castle is Back.


Last year, Edmonton was one of 5 cities, and the only Canadian city, in North America to host Brent Christensen’s epic Narnia/Tolkien like Ice Castle. Because of its popularity, the Castle is coming back to Hawrelak Park during the Silver Skate Festival from December 26th to March 31st. Grab your kids, grab your significant other, grab your friends, and check it out. It’s very impressive!

The Castle itself is built by hand out of icicles and water, which is made to resemble waterfalls and caves. Specifically, 20,000,000 pounds of ice is used! During the day, it glows blue and bright when the sun is out. At night, the assortment of LED lights bounces off the crystal like structure. Every inch of the Castle is made for an awesome photo.

Photo By Carolyn Dickson
Photo By Carolyn Dickson

My immediate thought when walking into the Castle was that Rivendell had frozen over. Where will the elves live? The music mixed with the lighting was a great combination to get an epic feel to the place. With no time limit in place for when you enter the Castle, you will be able to check out the structure for as long as you want. There’s no rush, which is quite nice!

Equipped with ice slides, little caverns, and holes to climb through, your kids will never be bored. Gentlemen, looking to pop the question? This is an ideal location to surprise cha girl. And for the awesome people out there, this is your chance to dress up like Jadis the White Witch, Mr. Tumnus, or as the Fellowship walking across Mount Caradhras.

For more information and to check out some stellar pictures on this feat of architecture, check out their Instagram and Facebook page.