Live Music 7 Days a Week? Let’s Talk About The Needle.


With local radio station Sonic 102.9 announcing the epic Mother Mother free show happening on Saturday, December 10th, I thought it was time to chat about The Needle. First of all, the free show is something you can only win into by listening to the beloved Garner Andrews from November 7th to 25th. Sonic will also be giving away 160 pairs of tickets on November 19th. Basically, if I can’t win these tickets, I WILL BE VERY UPSET.

So, The Needle. This kick ass venue opened in March 2016 and hosts live music 7 days a week ranging from folk to death metal to dubstep to nerd nights which tells me they are open to all genres of music and events. No discrimination here! The front side of the venue is their restaurant where they have a small stage for Happy Hour musicians. Equipped with an exceptional booze selection, you can try something new every time you visit. As for food, everything looks fantastic; I would highly recommend the grilled chicken club as it was delish.

If you’re a band, a musician, or Fred freaking Penner, there is an online booking form to fill out in hopes that you will be able to showcase your talent on stage.

I’ve had quite a few friends attend multiple shows here and haven’t heard any negative feedback. Here’s what they have to say:

“It’s a solid venue that takes the awkward ‘in-between concert wait times’ out and replaces them with comfy booths. Go because you want a good meal and a cocktail, or go because you want to see a show, but you’ll usually get both.” – Craig Hewson

“The Needle was a pleasant surprise with an atmosphere that seemed to cater to the different types that walk Jasper Ave. The food being delicious was an added bonus.” – Rainette Ramirez

Check it before you wreck it. Don’t wreck the venue, that’s mean.