Best Cora breakfast in Edmonton


After a whole week’s hard work, finally, I don’t have to get up early on Saturday. I lie in bed, watch a movie, browse Facebook, chat with friends and suddenly feel very hungry. I am quite sure you may feel the exactly the same thing on weekends, and this time I will recommend the best place for lunch and breakfast in Edmonton: Cora breakfast and lunch restaurant.

The history of Cora can be dated back to 1987 in Montreal, with the combination of fruit, cheese, cereal, omelettes, crepes and French toast. They have the philosophy that “Offer the highest quality ingredients and service, give people the best and they will come. If we serve the best breakfast in town, why would they go somewhere else?”

There is the multi choice of lunch and breakfast in Edmonton, and they are all very healthy. I love the Kale smoothies best because it tastes unique and involves multi-nutrition. I also love the waffles, you can have eggs, sausages, strawberries, banana, kiwi, blueberry, grapes and the whole word on your waffles. Whether you go for sweet delicacy or the savoury seduction of the Cheddar waffle, it’s time to try the whole world. Another must try dish in Cora is Eggs Ben Et Doctrine, it’s the perfect flavour combination or the smooth creaminess of our tasty hollandaise sauce. And secretly speaking, it’s fantastic to take pictures and post on Instagram.

I really love the Cora, no matter on weekdays and weekends. The Cora opens early in the morning and you can start your day full of energy with a fantastic breakfast in Edmonton.