You won’t believe these Edmonton’s restaurants are vegan!


Vegans are slowly taking over the world, and I am perfectly okay with that. Over the summer, I made it my mission to try some of Edmonton’s restaurants for vegan food. If you think vegan food is bland or gross, don’t knock it until you’ve tried these restaurants. I have picked two excellent local spots to highlight that are a must try for all of Edmonton’s foodies.

Cafe Mosaic is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant on Whyte Ave. They serve awesome comfort food that hits the spot right away like vegan burgers, vegan wings, and tofu tuna tacos. Their restaurant is pretty small, providing a homey atmosphere. You have probably noticed Cafe Mosaic on Whyte Ave this summer, their unique light up patio outside this Edmonton’s restaurant made it stand out. The patio is now gone, but Mosaic Cafe is still there and going strong!

Another vegan option is Noorish, located right by the High Level Bridge. I have tried vegan tacos, perogies, and poutine at Noorish eatery. Their elixir bar offers nice smoothie-like drinks and each elixir has it’s own powerful health properties. Even the water is healthy; at Noorish they infuse their water with chlorophyll. To enhance your dining experience, you could plan your meal time around Noorish’s yoga schedule. They offer classes in the basement of their restaurant! You will walk out of Noorish feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

All of the Edmonton’s restaurants I have mentioned are relatively affordable. Folks, it seems vegans have infiltrated Edmonton. These two restaurants are changing the game by bringing whole, healthy food into the bellies of Edmontonians. Honestly, thank you, vegans. If being vegan means I get to eat food like the food at Cafe Mosaic and Noorish, sign me up. I will definitely want to have some meal at Edmonton’s restaurants Cafe Mosaic and Noorish.!