Extraordinary best taste Bubble tea launches in Edmonton


You definitely try hundreds of bottles of bubble tea, from U of A campus to Whyte ave, from West Edmonton Mall to downtown. But, this new open bubble tea will give you extremely new feeling of bubble tea.

Chatime is global and has over 800stores worldwide and for Canada, Chatime has stores in Toronto, Calgary and finally, we have that in Edmonton now. It all starts with tea, it involves 100% real tea and 12 types of tea leaves and it’s really amazing.

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You can have options on the topping, ice option, sugar options on each drink. My favorite is the Chatime Pearl/ Roasted milk tea with grass jelly no ice and 30% of sugar. The taste is extraordinary and different from other bubble tea, the taste is rich and smells great. The Matcha red bean milk tea is girls’ favorite. If you don’t know which milk tea your girlfriend like most, try this one. For some people who don’t like milk very much, you can try fresh tea and Qjelly. You can have a branch of choice on toppings, like the pearl, grass jelly, coconut jelly, red bean, aloe vera, coffee jelly, rainbow jelly, pudding, and malt. Please promise me try something new and you will definitely love it.

Have some bubble tea in the afternoon, at the end of the day after work and on weekends chatting with friends is really amazing experience especially in Edmonton winter we don’t have much fun to play with.

I am heading to the Chatime now.