Make your next study day productive at this Hidden Gem Coffee Shop!


University is much easier to conquer with a hot cup of coffee. The atmosphere is crucial to me when I need to grind and get studying done. There’s only so many hours a person can take in a library cubicle. Besides, when people are studying, they often look very stressed. I don’t need that energy in my life! I’ve spent a few hours in Edmonton’s coffee shops, and Little Brick always stands out in my mind for the unique environment.

Little Brick Cafe is a refurbished old house- the atmosphere is cozy. Little Brick also has a food menu, in case you need a study snack. There’s also a small boutique space featuring some local products. Little Brick can be tough to find, tucked away in the Riverdale residential area. It is literally a hidden gem. Finding parking can be tough, so I’d recommend dressing for the weather because you may have to walk a bit from your parking spot.

For downtown folks, Little Brick’s sister location is District Coffee Co., and it’s also excellent. All the decor is white, clean and modern making it easier to have a clear mind while working. In both of these coffee shops, the environment is what makes them stand out.

Somedays I feel like I have been staring at the same cubicle in the library for a billion hours. When I change up the location of my work or studying; it tends to help me to get more done. I definitely recommend trying to change up your study space to stay motivated and productive. Little Brick Cafe and District Coffee Co are both great options for motivation, productivity and some killer good coffee.