Interactive Dining at Melting Pot Lets Diners Take a Dip


The Melting Pot, an upscale chain restaurant from America, has finally made its way to Edmonton. The meals are fondue-style, a quirky yet tasty experience that came about in 1970s America. Though with the Melting Pot, it gets a fancy makeover from the cheesy days of yore.

Speaking of cheesy, quite a few fondue dishes are based on just that – a hot, melty, bubbly pot of cheesy goodness served with a selection of items for dipping. Depending on the type of fondue pot you order, you’ll get items ranging from bread to vegetables to fruit, all of which you’ll pierce with your fondue stick and dunk into the lava-like cheese mixture before you.

The best way to enjoy your experience at the Melting Pot in Edmonton is to go for the four-course option. Melting Pot in Edmonton suggests it for those trying fondue for the first time because it is the ultimate fondue experience. Plus, the price includes all four courses, making it the best way to taste it all. Different dipping sauces also round out the flavors so you can try out different combinations with each bite.

With the four-course meal, you’ll also get a dessert fondue. Instead of a hot pot full of glorious cheese, you’ll delight in dunking bits of fresh pastries and fruits into luscious chocolate. There’s s’mores flavor, dulce de leche and plenty more to choose from. It’s like a dream come true.

In America, Melting Pot is considered a bit of a rare treat. It’s the kind of place that you’d take someone for a special occasion or even a group celebration. This is the kind of meal you sit and enjoy, taking your time to talk and sip on drinks as you indulge in the exquisite experience. The ambiance is one that promotes intimacy, making for a cozy affair with your dining companions.

Do something different for your next dining experience and try Melting Pot in Edmonton for a unique dip into deliciousness.