You Need to Try ‘Suspension Yoga’ at This Studio!


Beat your fear of heights with yoga! In St. Albert, Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios offers “Suspension Yoga” classes.

The  materials in the silk are incredibly strong so you can feel completely safe. They are similar to the silks used by circus performers!. The silks are modified by the instructors to your height for comfort.

Some poses are done with the silk in more of a hammock shape, others are done by just wrapping the silk in various ways around your body. The small class size in Suspension Yoga allows instructors to help anyone struggling, even giving one on one help. They also will offer ways to make the pose more difficult, for those who are more advanced participants.

It is important to make sure you have had enough food and water before heading to a Suspension Yoga class. Because there are inversions, or upside down poses, people often experience head rush if they are not careful. At any point in the class, you are welcome to take a rest.

The classes are excellent for balance and strength, mentally and physically. The unique yoga class is beyond what many people have tried. The Suspension Yoga class forces participants to let go of all fear and trust the silk, relaxing into a pose while being suspended in the air. Because the silk adds support, it is sometimes easier to do difficult poses then in a typical yoga class. Besides getting a good stretch, the class is not overly physically tiring.

Suspension Yoga is fun! Anyone can do it and everyone should try it. Anyone should take classes for Suspension Yoga. You will come to know about how funny it is.

Suspension Yoga Class schedule:

( Most classes are not Suspension Yoga, just look for the labelled classes!.)