Experience how legislature takes place at Alberta Legislature Building

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Alberta Legislature Building can be considered as one of the most prominent historic sites that can be found in Edmonton. It is located at the gateway of Edmonton downtown. The majestic river valley has delivered a wonderful surrounding to this building. Dozens of historical monuments, which span across 55 acres, can be found on this site and plenty of things are there for the guests to enjoy. A variety of special events in Canada is also being celebrated in here.

Alberta Legislature Building is defined as a building that is made out of carved oak and marble pillars. On the other hand, it has been provided with stunning grounds and Beaux Arts architecture. Free guided tours are being arranged at Alberta Legislature Building for the convenience of all the guests. Therefore, you can think of going on such a tour to get a wonderful experience about the building as well as its surrounding. During the tour, you will be able to enhance your knowledge as well. That’s because you will be able to hear fascinating stories behind magnificent art and portraits. If you get the chance to visit the public gallery, you would be able to see the legislature, live from your own eyes.

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A brand new vision centre can be found on the main floor of Alberta Legislature Building. It consists of the Agora Interpretive Center, the Pehhonan Theatre, the Borealis Gallery and the Alberta Branded. Therefore, you will also be able to visit these places during the tour. In addition, you can learn a lot about the history of the province as well. On top of everything, you can go to the 4D Theater and get an amazing experience that you have never had in your entire life. This doesn’t look like the typical theatre in your hometown and you would love to enjoy your time in it.