Get an Interactive and Artistic Experience By Visiting ART Gallery of Alberta

Photo By s.bhaiji

ART Gallery of Alberta is defined as the Mecca of visual art lovers. It has received much attention among tourists because of the unique architectural building. In fact, the ART Gallery of Alberta itself is a masterpiece of architecture. The art gallery of Alberta is in the downtown heart of Edmonton and visitors can easily access it.

As mentioned earlier, the building of ART Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton is a unique masterpiece. The swirling exterior of it is made from steel, glass and zinc. It has been inspired by the unique environment of Edmonton. Therefore, visiting ART Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton can be considered as one of the best methods available for the people to get to know more about the impressive culture in the area. For example, the multi-colored Aurora Borealis is reflected from the silver colour that is being used on the building. However, it features creativity outside of Edmonton as well.

ART Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton is another magnificent creation of the Los Angeles-based architect, Randall Stout. It has got a variety of exhibits for the people to see and experience as well. Most of them are historical exhibits. In fact, historical exhibits from Canada as well as from other parts of the world can be found in this art gallery. It has been calculated that there are more than 6,000 different exhibits available for the people to see at ART Gallery of Alberta.

ART Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton is open for the guests in all seven days of the week. The opening times are from Tuesday and Friday 11-5, Wednesday and Thursday 11-8, and Saturday and Sunday 10-5. Special tours have been organised at this art gallery for the kids to enjoy.