Discover Artfully-Crafted Turkish Delights at Sofra

Picture By anamaria_costache / Instagram

A Middle Eastern dining experience that’s as flavorful as the food

Edmonton has its share of restaurants. So many are Italian, Asian, and Mexican, and so few offer the kind of Edmonton food experience Sofra dishes out with Turkish cuisine plated and presented in the most beautiful of ways.

You’ll find floor seating in the cellar or more romantic mosaic lamp-lit tables for a more intimate Edmonton food experience. One fantastic way to enjoy the bounty of food here is to order an array of appetisers for your table. Hummus, baba ganoush, fried eggplant, and artichoke salad are just the short list of an amazing Edmonton food selection.

For entrees, kebabs are juicy and delicious and come in chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, or kafta (ground lamb). If you’re looking for fantastic falafel, you’ll find it here too, as well as a variety of fish and steak options. Because Mediterranean food has a lot of vegetarian options, there is plenty of Edmonton food to order if you prefer to go meatless too.

Lunch specials make Sofra a great place to retreat to during your busy workday. Fair prices and large portions will help you refuel for the second half of your day.

Sweeten things up with house-made baklava for dessert, a sweet pastry layered with honey pistachios and walnuts. The parfait with figs and vanilla ice cream is an unexpectedly sensational dessert as well.

Between the warm and inviting décor and the beautiful Edmonton food, Sofra hits all the high notes. It’s a unique choice for a different dining experience to share with friends and family. Reservations are probably best if you hope for a seat in the cellar. Also of note, on Tuesdays wine bottles $60 and under are half off, giving you yet another reason to try out Sofra soon!