Slow Down! Edmonton Offers Up Photo Radar Locations To Drivers


The Edmonton City is hoping change the image of photo radar as nothing more than a “cash cow” looking to nab some extra revenue from citizens. Edmonton City Councillors aren’t ready to give up on photo radar, but they are trying to make it work better for everyone. The Edmonton city will now be posting weekly lists of all photo radar locations around the city.

How will this help make streets safer? Edmonton City Councillor Dave Loken says online location postings will make Edmonton drivers more aware of their surroundings and speed. This means more money in stays in drivers’ pockets, and roads will be ultimately safer for drivers and pedestrians in Edmonton City. If it works like it should, it’s a win-win!


Interested in finding out which locations of your daily commute include the pesky hidden or not-so-hidden photo radar locations? You can access the list of over 100 locations scattered throughout Edmonton at ; be sure to check these lists regularly, as they change weekly.

However, this new system does need some work before it’s up and running smoothly. For now, the online list is difficult to read and takes time to access. It also doesn’t include a specific time period when a camera is in operation at a certain location. That kind of information is more difficult to provide, because enforcement officers often shift around on short notice thanks to weather conditions and construction.

For now, the changes are only experimental, so the Edmonton City can observe how Edmontonians’ driving habits will fair when provided with radar information. Will we continue to rush to work and our daily appointments? Or will we slow it down? Only time will tell!