Want To Know Which Artists Made Trudeau’s Summer Playlist?


Ever wondered what high-profile politicians listen to while they’re working on their speeches? (or, more likely, memorizing the speeches written for them…) Canadians have been saved from wondering with bated breath what might make that playlist for our country’s top leader. Thanks to a newly released Spotify playlist from the Prime Minister himself, we know exactly what summer jams Trudeau has playing at the cottage this summer.

So, what exactly made the list? It’s pretty nod-worthy for the most part, but there are a few surprising songs, and a good amount of variation in mood and genre. Scattered within are few hits, a few oldies, some upbeat tunes, and at least one tear-jerker. This variety isn’t surprising, though, considering Trudeau’s description on Spotify dubs the playlist as: “a mix of old and new favourites currently in heavy rotation on my iPad.”

As can be expected, the playlist is also heavy in Canadian content. Artists like Drake, Shawn Mendes, The Tragically Hip, Neil Young, and k.d. lang all make the 39-song playlist. Other artists include Fiona Apple, R.E.M., and Peter Gabriel.

Trudeau is not the first politician to release his playlist for public listening, either; Barack Obama has famously released several Spotify lists as well. So, even if you don’t jive with their policies, there’s a good chance you’ll find something you like on their playlists.
Trudeau’s Twitter share of the playlist included the caption: “What am I listening to this summer? What should I be?”
So, Edmonton, what’s your take? Is your favourite song or artist missing from Trudeau’s list? Are you going to be giving the PM’s playlist a listen, or taking a pass?