Head to Nagoya for Your Next Sushi Craving; You Won’t Regret It

Credit: Kodo Brew Technology

Nagoya Japanese Restaurant opened its doors in northeast Edmonton about three weeks ago, and they’re already busy with diners excited to try this yeg food out. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, this new eatery has the traditional sushi dishes you know and love, with a bit of flair and innovation. It certainly isn’t central, but thanks to the nearby Anthony Henday, getting there is easy even if you live in the city. Plus, you won’t have to vie for a parking space in the spacious lot at dinner time.

yeg food
Credit: Kodo-brew technology

Inside, Nagoya is comfortable, charming, and modern. It’s smaller than you might expect from the outside, but they’ve laid the tables out thoughtfully so you won’t be brushing elbows with nearby diners for yeg food. A lowered bar along the front is different than most sushi bars, but it offers more privacy for those intimate drop-ins. Plus, mobile tables along one side mean you could easily host a birthday or get-together.

The servers are new and a bit timid, but also attentive, kind, and eager to please. Nagoya is also experimenting with a unique digital ordering system so you can browse the menu and make your selections straight off an iPad. Unlike the printed menu, photos and ingredients are listed with every dish, but you do have to wait for your server to approve the order and send it through.

yeg food
Credit: kodo- brew technology

The menu itself is long winded, bursting with over 160 yeg food items. It makes deciding what to order difficult, so go armed with recommendations. Our top three rolls were the Golden Samurai, the Spicy Salmon, and the original Nagoya Roll, a unique flavor-punched roll topped with BBQ eel and – wait for it – real, edible 24-carat gold flakes! We’re pretty sure even Kim Kardashian isn’t eating gold on her sushi so this roll will make you feel like a star.

The Seared Toro Belly stood up to the “melt in your mouth” test well, but if you’re looking for the full flavour experience of the fish, ask for the sauce on the side. The sashimi is beautifully presented, and the Tuna Tataki is delicious, and surprisingly, large enough to share. Of course, Nagoya’s most popular menu items are the ramen dishes, so be sure to grab a bowl if you come for lunch.

yeg food
Credit: Kodo Brew Technology

Dishes arrive quickly, even during their busy time, so come hungry. If you’re sharing plates with others, the kitchen staggers the pace nicely so you can work through a few freshly prepared dishes before starting on the next round.

Overall, we give Nagoya a thumbs up! A shortened menu might be in their future, so be sure to leave your comments and feedback on your favourite dishes, in case they decide to cut back. We hope their plans to expand and add more restaurants in the future are successful, so us west and south-siders can enjoy it as a more regular lunch spot.

Location: 16639 50 St NW, Edmonton

Phone: (780) 758-8899