Sunbathers Rejoice! Edmonton Has A New (And Totally Unplanned) Beach!

Photo Instagram - savannabowley

If you hail from BC or Saskatchewan, you might mourn the lack of sunny beaches near Edmonton. But good news comes in strange ways! A beach has popped up in Edmonton’s river valley rather unexpectedly, and it’s delighting and shocking Edmontonians who happen to stumble across it.

Located just downriver from the Low Level Bridge, the newest attraction on the North Saskatchewan is a happy accident. The immaculate sand beach appeared thanks to construction on the Tawatina LRT bridge in Edmonton. Installing berms meant that sand and silt collected rapidly, and now sun worshippers and beach bums are collecting in Edmonton even faster!

Photo Instagram – kdginyeg

The question on the top of everyone’s mind is, “is the beach here to stay?” While Yeggers are hoping The Edmonton city will maintain the spot, it’s unlikely, as city officials say that the area of the North Saskatchewan River it’s positioned along is unsafe due to strong river currents. A different location is being considered for a more permanent beach, but it wouldn’t touch the water (and let’s be honest, is a beach really a beach without water?)

Either way, the unplanned beach is here to stay for this summer, at least. So make sure to get out and enjoy it while it lasts – safely, of course!