Snow On October 1st? Only In Edmonton


Summer is officially over, but we’ve had a great and sunny week. It’s a record-breaking month as we’ve seen nearly two weeks of great weather. Despite a week long setback, we’re ending the month strong.
Sadly, nothing lasts forever. Starting this weekend, we’ll see the weather take a “Stark” reversal into colder temperatures and starting Monday, a slight chance of the return of You Know What.

*takes a deep breath* That’s right – snow. Winter is coming. And unlike in Game of Thrones, it’s not going to take forever. Forecasters are predicting a 40% chance of rain and snow, with a high of 7 C. From there, the downward spiral sucks us further into gloomy temperatures, refusing to break an expected high of 15 C.

One Monday we’re on top of the world at 20 C, and the next we’re getting out the car scrapers. Seriously, check out the #yegwx hashtag right now. Marvel at how pristine Edmonton is looking in fall mode. Are we ready for an early winter? Are we ready for the onslaught of Game of Thrones memes?

So Yeggers, bask in the last of the sunshine this weekend. Have a backyard BBQ! Go to the accidental beach! Visit an outdoor patio, take a hike, fall in a giant pile of leaves! Whatever you do, don’t take it for granted. And if you’re feeling a little blue about what’s to come, you can peruse this winter survival guide for Edmonton news and vets alike.