Trending Now: McDonald’s Jumps Onto Vegan Train


McDonald’s is testing out a brand new concept: the McVegan Burger.


Say whaaaaat?


But then, are we really surprised? This is a huge market. Fast food catering to vegans can only be good for business. McDonald’s isn’t the first fast food chain to start catering to vegans and vegetarians, either. Taco Bell rolled out a vegetarian menu way back in 2015, and chains like Pizza Hut have introduced vegan cheese for their pizzas.

So what exactly is the McVegan? The test version of the burger features a soy-based patty with tomato, pickles, salad, vegan McFeast sauce, all sandwiched between a bun.

Early reviews of the McVegan are shockingly positive. People are posting pictures of the burger on social media, with some going as far as saying it’s the best vegan burger they’ve ever tasted. Testing has begun in Tampere, Finland, with expectations that the concept will be released worldwide soon, though there is some confusion about whether that’s McDonald’s plan. Still, with vegans and vegetarians across the world clamouring for McDonald’s to roll it out globally so they can try it for themselves, it’s likely the concept will catch on.

What do you think? If they bring the McVegan to Edmonton, will you be giving it a chance? Or is mixing fast food and a vegan diet just a gimmick?