Move Over, Tim Hortons…We Have New Coffee Overlords In Town

YEG Blog

A recent survey by Maclean’s quizzed Canadians on their favourite coffee shop. More than 1,500 Canadians voted using a ranker that pitted the biggest national and regional chains against one another, and the results are shocking! The results are in, and Tim Hortons got knocked all the way down to fourth place. Yes, fourth! Whether it’s the always busy drive-thru lanes or we’re collectively facing the fact the coffee isn’t as good as it used to be, this is quite the fall from grace.

Triumphantly arriving in first place is global giant McDonalds; their pivot into offering baked goods and cheap solid coffee gave them a much needed boost over rivals Second Cup and Starbucks, who placed second and third on the list, with a variety of regional chains rounding out the list. 7 Eleven fans will be overjoyed to hear the 24-hour convenience store made the list. Good Earth Coffeehouse (with four locations in Edmonton) managed to make the cut too, averaging less than 6,500 points.

Surprised Tim Hortons wasn’t #1? Twitter wasn’t. A solid line of tweets say this was a long time coming for the coffee giant.


I might go buy a Double Double and a donut right now in memoriam.

Disagree with the results? The survey’s still ongoing, so you’ve got a chance to create your own rankings and let people know who the true winners are. Just make sure to shout out some local #yeg coffeehouses when you do!