Sound the Alarm! New #YEG Restaurants Rank Among The Country’s Best

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Three of Canada’s Best New Restaurants Are Just Down The Road

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Edmonton is home to some fantastic culinary talent (as we like to continually remind ya!) and we’ve got some new cause for celebration. Last week, enRoute, the Air Canada in-flight magazine, released its list of the top new restaurants in Canada – and what’s more, three restaurants from Edmonton made the list!

6. Cafe Linnea (Edmonton, AB)

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Now if you’re wondering which…Cafe Linnea, Clementine, and the Alder Room all made the cut (at #5, #6, and #10 respectively). Despite some heavy competition, Edmonton is the only city with multiple entries in the top ten. Are we the City of Champions, or what? The process consisted of writer Andrew Braithwaite sampling his way through 30 restaurants, eating approximately 198 dishes before settling on a top ten. No cheating here, either; reservations are made under fake names, and restaurants are convinced that any photographers snapping covert shots of their digs were actually meant for something else.

5. Clementine (Edmonton, AB)

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Braithwaite wrote: “The restaurants that make the Top 10 are those that truly stand out for quality ingredients, smart service, stunning locations and chefs with a vision – the stuff that great meals, and great memories, are made of.” That siad, you’ll want to make reservations for a night out ASAP – something tells me these three places are about to experience quite the uptick in business!

10. Alder Room (Edmonton, AB)

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Here’s the top ten Best New Restaurants in full:

1. Battuto (Quebec City, QC)
2. Canis (Toronto, ON)
3. Bar Von Der Fels (Calgary, AB)
4. Mak N Ming (Vancouver, BC)
5. Clementine (Edmonton, AB)
6. Cafe Linnea (Edmonton, AB)
7. Riviera (Ottawa, ON)
8. Brothers’ Food & Wine (Toronto, ON)
9. Marconi (Montreal, QC)
10. Alder Room (Edmonton, AB)