Trending Now: McDonalds Rolls Out Mobile Ordering


Micky D’s is getting a tech makeover. 2017 has seen the conglomerate catch up in terms of figuring out what to do to convince people to keep spending money on chicken nuggets and Big Macs, from setting up kiosks, realizing vegans love the Golden Arches too, and finally allowing for delivery.

However we’re in for another exciting jump in customer service: McDonalds is finally offering mobile ordering!!! About time! This was announced quite some time ago, but as of right now, it’s live. We now know the specifics on how the My McD’s app for iOS and Android works. So far, mobile ordering is limited to Edmonton, Hamilton, and Quebec City with the promise of more cities coming soon (That’s right Calgary; you’re taking second place to us again!)

This is all part of a massive plan to improve the overall experience and incorporate technology to entice people to spend more time on McDonalds kiosks or their mobile app. Select locations in the United States offer mobile ordering and it’s expected the rest of the country will follow suite, alongside locations in Europe, Australia, and China.

Along with the mobile ordering, they’ve upped their offerings to include Curbside Service (ordering ahead and having food delivered to a parked stall), Table Service (imagine walking in and finding a crisp Big Mac meal just waiting for you at a table!), or picking it up at the front counter or drive-thru. Between this and UberEats, ordering a quick snack has never been easier. We’re especially looking forward to the resurgence in McDonalds’ dinner dates now that Table Service is a thing.

The most important conclusion to draw from all this: no more lining up for your next hangover fix!