WHAAAAT? Panda On Segway Drives Down Edmonton Streets


There is a panda roaming the streets of Edmonton…and news flash, it’s got a Segway.

No, this isn’t the focal point to a new horror film under production. This isn’t a bizarre Halloween promotion. It’s a panda driving a segway – that is, a human in a panda mask. The panda has made quite the splash on social media…as pandas driving through downtown Edmonton are wont to do.




The Edmonton Examiner managed to track it – or rather, her, down for a quick chat. How did this all come about? It turns out Zoey Betts, the woman behind the panda mask, works at River Valley Adventure Co., who run Segway tours in the city and allow staff to ride them during off-hours. She bought a panda mask in September, and the rest is history.

You can usually catch Betts (aka Panda Claws) around the downtown core. If positive social media is any indication, it looks like Panda Claws is now sharing esteemed ground with other fascinating Edmontonians such as the Shirtless Rollerblading Dude, the Push-Up Guy, the ever-faithful crew who bang on cans before Oilers games and concerts at Rogers Place, the Whyte Ave robot street performers, and so on.

“The majority of people smile, they say that I’ve made their day, people honk aggressively and people stop to take pictures,” Betts told the Examiner about how people (rightly) react to her presence.

And now River Valley Adventure Co. is getting in on the fun with a Halloween-inspired costume contest of their own by asking Edmontonians to snap a photo of their costume while on a Segway ride and share it on social media. They’re awarding prizes for the best costume, photo, and most social media likes. Seems like smart marketing if you ask me! And a super cool way to show off your Halloween costume

River Valley Adventure Co
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