It’s All Downhill From Here: Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show


Slope’s up! Despite the threat of snow hanging over our heads for the upcoming week, most of us are still fully in fall mode. There are still masses of leaves to be blown away, rays of warm sunlight to enjoy, and the idea of outdoor patios at bars still feels relatively doable. The Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show is here to help us transition into winter by reminding us of all the magical powdery wonders winter has to offer.

Touted as a gathering place of ‘mountain junkies and powder hounds,’ the Ski and Snowboard Show is for newbies and battered professionals. What better way to deal with the fall blues by spending tons of money on gear? It’s not all about the sales, though; you can also enter contests for stunning getaways in powder locales in Western Canada and beyond. The show offers gear swaps as well, and discounted pre-packages for ski and snowboard spots in Alberta. Plus, the event brings two big showstoppers: a 17-foot slope named Rail Jam for snowboarders looking to show off their best tricks in style, and Hot 107’s very own DJ Tyco, essentially turning this massive meetup into a turn-up. It honestly sounds pretty hype.

The Ski and Snowboard Show runs all weekend at the Edmonton Expo Centre. General tickets are $14, with weekend passes just under $20. You can grab those here and find out more information here.

Are you already thinking about hitting the snow later this year? Are you ready to wave fall goodbye? We sure are!