Wild Windy Alberta Weather Is Starting To Get Freaky


It’s been a rough week weather-wise, as the temperature outside begins to freefall and indoor temperatures start to climb (if you haven’t reprogrammed your thermostat yet, you’re behind!) While Edmonton has been lucky enough to avoid surprise snowfalls (aside from those two freak incidents that didn’t stick around), we’ve spent the week dealing with one unwieldy visitor: super gusty winds.

It’s not exactly the first time; last week saw winds in excess of 100 km/h wreak immense havoc in the city, knocking out power, and making us bundle up tighter under our jackets. This week saw the rise of winds powerful enough to rip the roof straight off a semi-truck located downtown. We’re not kidding either; there’s video of fire crews and police working together to keep the roof (once again, this is a roof from a massive semi-truck) from flying off.

It’s not just Edmonton feeling blustery; most of central and southern Alberta have been issued wind warnings, and it’s looking likely there’ll be more wind action in the next couple weeks. This is a big problem in the south, as these winds are a source of fuel for extreme wildfires and are strong enough to continue to derail trains and tip semi-trucks on highways. For Edmonton, the wind will be a driving force behind the weather getting colder, and the onslaught of… gasp.. snow!

You’re going to wanna to keep your puffy jackets zipped up tight this week (that’s one trend we can get behind!)

What have you been doing to keep warm in the face of these killer winds? Let us know!