And The Best Costume of 2017 Goes To…


While Halloween is still a day away, this past weekend effectively served as the holiday for anyone over the age of 18. Plenty of looks were dished out over the past few days, some good, some bad, and some just… horrendous.

So, what were the top costume choices for 2017?

A report by Google Trends revealed Wonder Woman was the most-searched Halloween costume of the year, according to Vogue. Other popular choices included witches (witches are in this year), unicorns, Game of Thrones characters and lastly, the Snapchat hot dog filter costume (we wish we were kidding).

Memes and nostalgia were a big inspiration; this weekend, I saw one guy pull off an effective Salt Bae, and a couple dressed as TJ and Spinelli from Recess. Season two of the sleeper hit Stranger Things premiered on Friday, which saw some interesting costume correlation, if ya know what we mean.

Memes and throwbacks aside, it was all about the political statements and classic horror movie staples. Political statements and classic horror movie staples have come back strong. The CBC talked to Christy Hutchinson, who owns Strathcona’s very own Theatre Garage costume shop, and over there. Hutchinson says Donald Trump and Pennywise costumes have been all the rage, with no one surprised by that. Besides being naturally frightening, they’re distinctive looks that can be spotted from a mile away. And, of course, there’s always the option to add some local flavor; dressing up as the Talus Balls never gets old.

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If you’re still in need of a costume for tomorrow, you don’t need worry about being politically correct. It turns out Alberta is the one province willing to embrace insensitive or just plain wrong costumes, with 30 percent of Albertans being okay with ethnic stereotypes and 44 percent cool with blackface. Yikes!

What costumes did you see this weekend and how did they stack up?