The Baby Faces Won’t Last Long…


It’s Time To Salute The ‘Stache

I hope you’re ready for a month (and a mouth) full of hair because Movember is about to begin.

In a few days, plenty of men will be putting down their razors to help raise awareness and money for men’s health issues – notably prostate cancer. It’s no laughing matter. As Movember’s tagline goes: “grow a Mo, save a Bro.”

The rules of Movember are as follows: shave on the 31st and let nature take its course. No beards are allowed: this is all about the mustache, though all styles are welcome. This is the time to see if you’ve got the face to support a handlebar or not. Meanwhile, you can register on the official Movember site and collect pledges for donations, solo participation, or register a team. We’re about to see the some men in our lives mature into mustachioed beauties by the end of the month (in the name of a great cause!)

It’s not all about the wicked good looks, though. Movember was started by a group of good friends in Australia in 2003, and since then has exploded into a global phenomenon, with countries like New Zealand, Spain, the States, the United Kingdom, most of continental Europe, South Africa and Hong Kong all set to participate this year. The long-term goal the foundation has set is a great one: reducing the number of early deaths in men by 25% by 2030. Keep that in mind, participants!

Movember starts November 1st. To donate or register, click here.

Need some mustache inspo? This should get you motivated!