Say Hello To A Cold Winter, Edmonton!


Well we had a good run. We had a solid summer and while the fall had its low moments (some of which we discussed), it was still one to enjoy. Unfortunately the good cheer and weather have to end at some point and if the forecasts over at Global News are accurate, it’ll come with many, many snowy moments this week, plus some rain and freezing wind. While we didn’t think we’d be done with fall this quickly, this is still a change we’re not at all okay with!

If you’re hoping this will be much like the last time we were hit with snow, it’s unlikely this will go away all that quickly. Predictions are that the snow will stick around while the temperatures this week continue their chilly dip, leaving plenty of eager trick or treaters to deal with Alberta’s favourite elements: wind and cold. It gets worse considering we’ll be surrounded by La Nina, the weather jetstream capable of launching winters and bringing plenty of cold air to Western Canada and beyond.

“In La Nina years,” the Global News report reads. “The jet stream is normally weaker and oscillates more than usual meaning Arctic air won’t easily get routed out as above normal precipitation falls overhead. This will lead to a snowy winter from Whitehorse to Vancouver and Calgary and everywhere in between.”

So what does that mean?

Get your damn snow tires on already!