11 Crazy Things To Do In Edmonton When It Snows


News flash in case you haven’t got the social media updates (or stepped outside): It’s fucking cold. Welcome to winter.

It’s rough and awful and you’re gonna have a hard time on the roads and sidewalks, and you’ll spend plenty of time wishing temperatures were in the positive double digits. But then, this is Edmonton we’re talking about, where winter fun is really what you make of it. Edmonton winters can be as fun and ridiculous as you want them to be. Here’s a reminder of everything you can do now that we’ve got the white stuff here to stay:

– Check out Elk Island and marvel at how cool bison look in the winter, or go cross country skiing along the park’s huge trails. Plus…the Northern Lights are really pretty to see from Elk Island… just saying…

– Start impromptu snowball fights.

– Take in all the great sights and sounds at the Silver Skate Festival. In fact, do this at every awesome Edmonton outdoor festival… Ice on Whyte… Deep Freeze… the list goes on!

– Explore the Ice Castles (once they’re open). Seriously.

– Play all the Christmas music. All of it. Or just go to the mall after November 11th.

– Go skating! Take a date to Hawrelak Park, or hang out by the pond in front of City Hall.

– Stroll through the Leg grounds and marvel at all the gorgeous Christmas lights!

– Marvel at the giant Christmas tree in Churchill Square.

– Walk up and down the major streets with a loved one and a hot chocolate.

– Spend more time in cafes – check out Remedy for a savoury Chai Latte!

– Put delicious soup and ramen (Kazoku Ramen anyone?) back on your menu all the time, and don’t feel guilty about it because you gotta do what you can to stay warm.

Anything essential we forgot for Edmonton snow fun? Let us know!