OMG, Get Ready for More Babies!


Edmonton has one of the youngest populations in the country. We are three years younger than the national average, and now 40% of that population is settling down and ready to raise families… families full of babies, that is!

You probably didn’t know it, but we’re in the midst of a baby boom. Metro Edmonton has the full scoop, but it boils down to this; Edmonton’s younger than average population is largely due to millennials (and just about everyone else) migrating to Alberta for work – both within the country and from overseas. High fertility rates also play a huge role in what now is a vast group of financially stable young people who are itching to move forward to the next phase. Plus, we just love making babies!

Census numbers reveal that in 2012, there were 40,000 kids between the ages of zero and four in Edmonton. Four years later, that number has jumped to over 60,000. Sixty thousand kids! Just to freak you out even more, June 2016 saw 608 babies born at Grey Nuns Hospital, a record breaker for them.

Get ready for a lot more crying and diapers and strollers. But it’s not all bad for the public. More babies means demand for more schools, more rec centers, more entertainment, and more everything! So be ready for a wave of storks coming in hot next year. Waves of babies will be everywhere, and if Service Alberta’s list of popular baby names were accurate, they’ll all be named Liam, Olivia, Emma and obviously(!) Connor.

Are you gearing up for a bigger family?