LOVEPIZZA Is Awesome! Here’s Why…

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Let’s talk about pizza for a second. We live in one of the best pizza cities in the world (better than Florence AND Milan, so take that, food snobs!) and we take it seriously. We’re in a Great Pizza Renaissance right now, especially in downtown Edmonton where we’re surrounded by so many great options, especially local ones. We show pride when a local eatery rises to the top; the fact that homegrown hero Famoso ranks in the upper echelons of almost every ‘Best Pizza in Edmonton’ list is proof of that. Right now, it’s looking quite clear that after just one year, LOVEPIZZA deserves to be part of that conversation too.

Why is LOVEPIZZA awesome? We’re gonna break it down for you – it’s fast and it’s different. LOVEPIZZA’s fast-food setup puts emphasis on what you want, but wisely keeps thick crusts and long wait times out of it. You can choose all your own toppings, including a huge variety of perennial favourites like mushrooms, spinach, and pepperoni, and some wild picks like chipotle BBQ pulled chicken, daiya mozzarella cheese, creme fraiche and fresh farm eggs – the options are endless! The ordering experience is akin to feeling like the master of your own destiny. There’s nothing quite like it.

(Side note – getting pickled onions on top is the best and anyone who tells you otherwise is plain wrong. End of discussion.)

Much like their neighbours, The Burger’s Priest, LOVEPIZZA strikes a careful balance of attractive, affordable, artisanal, and trendy – a perfect choice for those looking to switch things up on date night, or who want their own pizza, but don’t want to be judged for spending heinous amounts of dollars for a large pizza. We totally understand. Plus, who can say no to free parking?

LOVEPIZZA has two locations in the greater Edmonton area: downtown and St. Albert, respectively.

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Location: 10196 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1M7