What’s Going On With The Oilers?

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It’s a rough time to be an Oilers fan right now. It’s one thing to come from a season of solid hockey, culminating with a playoff appearance that made grown men cry, to completely floundering, and losing more than winning. It feels like old times in the worst way possible.

But that’s exactly the reality we need to face right now. Chalk it up to blatant mismanagement or poor rosters moves. It’s likely a few bad summer trades had made their impact, too. Getting rid of Hall and Eberle was going to cause an impact somehow, and maybe this is it. Not to mention, the overblown trade for Draisaitl is definitely leaving fans feeling sore as we bottom out. Right no,w the Oilers are very much a different team than last year. We’ll be known and remembered for 2 things this season: Connor McDavid, and the impossibility of any back-to-back wins.

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“We need to improve in a lot of areas, just about every aspect of our game,” Head Coach Todd McLellan said when confronted about his team’s record. “The offensive part, conversion rates on outnumbered rushes would give us a lot more goals. Were down in that area. The power play has to get better. Defensively from the crease out we have to play better and, of course, the penalty kill is still a big issue that were trying to work on.”

Todd, you probably could have just said all that in one sentence!

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Between this and a recent stint of booing that has begun popping up at home games…it’s definitely not looking good for our home team. But then again, it’s still early times. I’m personally hoping for a turnaround, if only because patience is a required trait to be a steadfast Oilers fan. The only question is when will it happen? And do we need to fire another GM or coach to make it happen?

What are your thoughts? Think the Oilers will turn this around? Let us know if you’re a loyal fan, or if you’re in a hockey slump without any hope for a big comeback!