Have You Heard Of The Keto Diet?


There’s an important revelation about food you need to know right now: everything people told you about fats was wrong.

If you’re shocked…keep reading. I’ll explain. For the longest time, we were all convinced fats were terrible for us, and we should avoid them at all costs. But right now, there’s a crazy new diet working wonders on people, and it hinges upon the realization that…fats are actually good?

It’s called the ketogenic diet. Ketogenic refers to the use of ketones, chemicals made from fat the body burns for fuel once you run out of carbs. So the idea behind the ketogenic diet is all about keeping those carbs low and the fats…well…high. Getting rid of carbs puts your body into ketosis, which changes your body’s metabolism by focusing entirely on burning fat for energy.

It’s a diet that’s been around forever, having been introduced to help treat children with epilepsy, but is now turning heads. The ketogenic diet can help you lose weight quickly, grants you endless energy, and also can reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels, which are a whole other set of health benefits unto themselves!

One way people have been putting this diet to good use (aside from WAY more bacon) has been with fat bombs. Designed for the diet, these tasty snacks (often made with 85% good fat content, and involving dairy and coconuts in some manner) are fantastic for those in need of a substitution for the afternoon sugar snack. Fat bombs are easy to make and how you want to use them is entirely up to you: sweet or savoury? Meal replacement or workout snack? Either works! Here are some super delicious fat bomb recipes courtesy of our friends over at Blush Lane!

If you’re searching for something similar to fat bombs to get into ketosis, Ketone is an energy drink that also works with the same principle.
Have you tried the ketogenic diet? Did it help you lose weight? We want to know!