Edmonton Gift Ideas You Can Buy For Almost Anyone


The holidays are coming up fast. If you haven’t already started working down your holiday gift checklist, you should be! Nobody wants a holiday panic, and Christmas sneaks up on you before you even know what’s going on.

To get your list started, we’ve rounded up some no-fail Christmas gifts to please everyone on your list. There’s no chance you can go wrong with these 5 options, so read on and get shopping!

  • Gift cards for department stores and restaurants

Give the gift of choice!

Looking for an easy way to cut down on the stress of picking gifts for your family, co-workers, and significant others? Gift cards. Nothing says Christmas spirit more than trusting your loved ones to make their own choices. It’s 2017, people!

With that in mind, there’s one gift card this season that is going to be ridiculously popular in Edmonton, and that’s Craft Beer Market. Perfect for all the foodies and craft beer lovers on your list (and do you honestly know anyone who isn’t one of those two things?)

From now until New Year’s Eve, Craft Beer Market will give you a free $10 card for every $50 worth of gift cards purchased. Save the extra cheddar for your own beer indulgence, or spread the love to more friends this Christmas season! Purchase in-restaurant or online, but this is a deal that’s totally worth the trouble of leaving your house for. Tag a friend who would love a gift card to Craft Beer Market!

  • Electronics

Technology moves fast, and it seems like there’s always something new and interesting coming out, particularly during the holiday season. From the cutting-edge tablets, phones, and laptops, to more specific gear and gadgets like mug warmers for the office or the newest GoPro for adventure seekers, you’ll find something they can truly use and enjoy.

  • Chocolate and fruit arrangements

When in doubt, give the gift of food! Practical, yet enjoyable, almost anyone can appreciate a gift basket or arrangement of sweet treats. For the best gift, pair up as many fine delicacies as you can to satisfy that sweet tooth, including chocolate, fruit, candy, and hot chocolate. Source from local chocolate shops for the best variety and freshness.

  • Spa packages and fitness

Following close on the heels of Christmas are those New Year’s resolutions. The people on your list will appreciate you thinking ahead for them, and come New Year’s, they’ll feel super motivated if they have a spa or fitness package already in hand. Whether it’s some much-needed self-care (like a relaxing hot stone massage), or a starter pass to a really great gym to get started on that beach body well in advance, you can bet they’ll feel pampered and thank you for it!

  • Experiences

Gifts, gadgets, and gear make great gifts, but an even more powerful present is something your family and friends can enjoy in real time. Source a great local event, concert, or activity that fits their style, and grab a gift certificate or package. A few starter suggestions are skydiving (for the most adventurous), ski passes (for the moderately adventurous), or crafting sessions (for the least adventurous).