Edmonton Is Crazy For Yoga!


Calling all yogis, new and old – do you know how many different disciplines or styles of yoga there are? Have you ever checked the list of classes available at a centre and balked because you couldn’t tell the difference between different class types? Well fret no more, because we’re going to give you the lowdown on all the most popular styles of yoga, plus let you know where you can find these styles at the best spots in town!

Hope you have your mat out, because you’re going to want to try something new!

Ashtanga – Not for the faint of heart. Ashtanga is an intense system that uses a specific sequence of poses getting more and more challenging. All the while, you’re expected to sync up your breathing to the movement sequence. Northern River specializes in this discipline, offering one-on-one classes tailored to your level. Sounds great to us!

Hatha – An accessible form of yoga popular in the Western world (that all other forms of yoga are built upon), you can expect gentle classes that won’t leave you completely destroyed, but feeling loose and stretched out. Yogalife is where it’s at for the softer side of yoga styles.

Moksha – One of the disciplines included in hot yoga (bikram is the other, but both share the same poses and grueling temperatures), the aptly titled Moksha Yoga Edmonton is one of the better places to visit for yoga newcomers (just be warned: you will come out dripping sweat!) It helps they’ve got two locations; double the calm and healthy environments, double the learning experiences!

Restorative – Better than a great nap; restorative yoga involves only a few poses and a variety of props to let you relax your muscles. You’re getting all the power from a great pose, while still relaxing and releasing tension! Most studios offer restorative classes, but BlissYoga Spa deserves a shout out as it also doubles as a spa, meaning you have a one-stop shop for all things chill.

Free – The best things in life are free! If you want to find a starter yoga class without spending a cent to try it out, there are a few options for you. Studios like Moksha offer ‘karma’ programs where you can get free yoga classes in return for volunteer work. Others, such as Prana or Lole, will offer one-off classes here and there.