Have You Visited These Food Spots in YEG?


Let’s be frank for a second: making choices is tough, especially when it comes to food. There’s no shortage of great options in Edmonton, meaning that choice about what you want to have for a night out is quite possibly the hardest one you’ll make todat. Fortunately, we have you covered this time: we outlined some spots you should visit under the right circumstances.

Happy eating!

Best Fine Dining For Those Who Need To Celebrate: Hardware Grill (9698 Ja

Downtown’s finest, an apt title considering their excellent service.

Best Fine Dining For Those Who Like Atmosphere: Blue Plate Diner (10145 104 St)

If you haven’t had their shepherd’s pie, do something about ASAP.


Best Date Night Place Perfect For The ‘Gram: Cafe Mosaics (10844 82 Ave)

If you didn’t take photos of your cute date night, marveling at just how great dishes from Cafe Mosaics looks in the night light, did it really happen?

Best Hipster Joint: Three Boars (8424 109 St)

Show up early or risk the wrath of having to spend your entire night standing up in a cramped space. But it’s worth the trouble: the ever-changing menu will keep you on your toes.


Best Vegetarian Cafe: The Clever Rabbit (10722 124 Street)

For anyone looking for the perfect vegan peanut butter banana waffle, this cute little shop, nestled deep in 124 Street has you covered.


Best Spaghetti That Won’t Break Your Wallet: Chianti’s (10501 82 Ave)
We’re not kidding about this by the way – their $10.99 Pasta Frenzy are what Old Strathcona legends are made of.


Best Thai Food: Boualouang (10569 97 St)

The place to go for upscale Thai.


Best Pub Worth Going For The Beer and Mac ‘n’ Cheese: The Next Act (8224 104 St)

I mean, they make pretty great burgers too…