Where does #YEG come from?

YEG is the International Air Transport Association code for the Edmonton International Airport. However, as the use of social media grew in Edmonton, so did the need for organising posts, tweets, and photos from our city!

One well-known blogger from Edmonton, Mack Male, observed Calgary using #YYC, their airport’s code, back in 2008. Mack made a profound suggestion via Twitter that would contribute to the changing of how we refer to Edmonton for years to come…
Since this tweet, #YEG has been used thousands upon thousands of times. “What the heck is YEG?” is often one of the first things new Edmontonians ask upon moving to the city.
What are the benefits of using #YEG? Not only do you save your breath on two syllables, but you reduce the size of your tweet by 5 characters. Considering you only have 140 characters allowed per tweet, that’s a significant change (~3.5% more space for tweet thoughts)!
You will see #YEG used on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook to categorise information coming out of Edmonton. Similarly, these following hashtags are used to take it a step further:
  • #yegfood
  • #yegmusic
  • #yegtraffic
  • #yegdt
  • #yeggers
  • #igyeg
  • #yegblog 😉
#YEG has become so popular that some companies even use the lingo in their name. For example, YEG Live is an online music platform where you can buy tickets to local shows!
We hope that you continue to use #YEG as a way of bringing Edmontonians together. Let’s face it: We’re a pretty rad group of people.

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